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  PHD Load Heater Mechanical, diesel-fueled heater Additional Comments
Certified explosion-proof & approved for operation in Class 1, Division 1 & 2, Group D Hazardous areas.
Makes no such claims
Our Heater units initiate the catalytic process PASSIVELY using micro electronic impulses rather than an open flame or spark; there is
System Weight
390 lbs.
1700 lbs.
weight of unit, plus fuel & fuel tank
3, 5, or 10 year parts & labour warranties available, customer's choice
partial warranties ranging from 3 months to 2 years
PHD includes a minimum 3-year PARTS AND LABOUR warranty at no charge
Fuel Consumption
0.4 litres / hr
1.32 litres / hr
1/3 the fuel consumption of a cheaper, clean burning fuel
Cold Weather
Test results prove efficient starting and operation down to -60F
Difficult, if not impossible to start at -60F
No moving parts allows for efficient actiavation
No moving parts.
We recommend an annual inspection of our system, which takes approximately 15 minutes and is done free of charge at our facility, or we can train maintenance personnel in your facility.
Requires periodic oil changes, including replacement of oil filter, fuel filter and air filter.
In subsequent years, a diesel engine will require major mechanical servicing. This can be expensive in terms of downtime and the cost of parts and mechanics labour.
A 3, 5, or 10 year PARTS & LABOUR warranty ensures that you will not have any unnecessary maintenance costs.
Manufactured to Canadian and U.S.A. Military Standards. Each one is hand made and inspected by two professionals wtih total experience of over 35 years.
Requires periodic oil changes, including replacement of oil filter, fuel filter and air filter and occasional major mechanical servicing. Engine will not turn over in cold conditions, leaving you without heat. Friction between moving parts will eventually cause the engine to seize.
We currently have one of our Heaters running for 27 years straight, thanks to a platinum based catalytic mixture.
Operates virtually pollution-free (1ppm) and completely noise-free.
Noisy, engine exhaust fumes pollute the air, and not certified to be explosion-proof
Our load heater will allow your driver to sleep soundly, preventing potential accidents on longer hauls.
Capital Costs
30,000 BTU, approx., CDN funds
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