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Protective Heat Development heaters are GUARENTEED explosion-proof.
The P.H.D. Heater certification standards include:
- compliance with International Approval Standards UL, CGA, AGA, F.A.M., ITS, ULC, ASME, Listee, and Guidelines CSA Standard C22.1 and C22.2 and CEC Part 1.
- certification by the Canadian Explosive Atmosphere Laboratory, for use in the transportation of dangerous goods in: Class 1, Division 1 and 2, Group D hazardous areas.
- certification by the International Warnock Hersey Professional Services Ltd.


The catalytic reaction provides 100% fuel combustion, providing a virtually pollution-free (1ppm) heater.

This will immediately impact the quality of your load, removing any thick diesel smell. Furthermore, Protective Heat Development Load Heaters are the socially conscientious choice, removing noisy, diesel engine exhaust fumes that pollute the air we all breathe.

Additionally, any gases or odors present in a trailer will be consumed and converted to energy by the P.H.D. Load Heater. In essence, the P.H.D. Heater purifies the air in the trailer while maintaining the cargo at a predetermined temperature.


The policy is:

P.H.D. Group Ltd. heaters have 3, 5, or 10 years warranty, PARTS AND LABOUR, under normal use (length of warranty may determined by the customer at time of purchase).

To honor the warranty, any defective parts manufactured by P.H.D. Group Ltd. must be returned to the Mississauga plant for retesting to prove that the part is defective.
We would like to let you know that the P.H.D. heater is designed and tested to military standard. The parts manufactured by P.H.D. were tested 40,000 times, on and off, at a temperature of 75°F down to -60°F. One unit has been tested (non-stop) for over twenty-five years and still continues to work without any repair. P.H.D. heater, under normal use, could last for over twenty years.

Thermostatically controlled

Model 23NTR-MEPCA delivers a total output of
23,000 BTU/h producing 1000oF (538oC) at the catalytic bed.
Model 30NTR-MEPCA delivers a total output of
30,000 BTU/h producing 1472oF (800oC) at the catalytic bed.
Portable Model EX-3000 delivers a total output of
20,000 BTU/h producing 800 oF (482oC) at the catalytic bed.
All three systems are thermostatically controlled, and can maintain a temperature range from
40oF to 95oF (5oC to 35oC ) in the cargo area*.
*trailer temperature depends on many factors, including (but not exclusive to): cargo area size, amount and size of cargo, insulation present, eternal ambient temperature, etc...

Extreme weather worry-free activation

Because there are no moving parts to the P.H.D. Heater , there is worry-free activation everytime.
Test results have proven P.H.D. heater efficient starting and operation down to -60oF (-51oC).
Winter diesel (formulated especially for winter usage) does not guarantee a smooth running engine. Winter diesel is laboratory tested to -20° C / -4° F. At still lower temperatures and/or freezing winds, it is unclear whether the engine will even run. In any case, the engine works unregularly, resulting in a greater amount of fuel being consumed.


Noise-free operation

Along with totally eliminating air pollution, Protective Heat Development heaters run completely noise-free!
No longer do you have to put up with a noisy diesel engine while pre-heating, loading, unloading, and while maintaining the temperature in your trailer.

This feature is simply a consequence of the revolutionary NO MOVING PARTS in your P.H.D. heater ; 100% of your fuel goes directly into heat.


Electronic activation & safety control (MEPCA)

MEPCA stands for Micro Electronic Passive Catalyst Activator. This solid state activation system ensures silent activation of the catalyst in TWO seconds with a single push of the start button. This 6 volt explosive proof activation system carries a FIVE YEAR WARRANTY and completely eliminates any SPARK.

This explosion-proof and intrinisically safe catalyst heater uses a revolutionary two stage method that provides total control of your propane.

  THE FIRST STAGE The P.H.D. load heater maintains a constant output of 3,000 BTU/h, utilizing a 22 millivolt micro electromagnetic control .
  THE SECOND STAGE Model 23NTR - MEPCA delivers a total output of 23,000 BTU/h, and Model 30NTR-MEPCA delivers a total of 30,000 BTU/h. Both systems are thermostatically control.

Virtually maintenance free

We would like to let you know that the P.H.D. load heater is designed and tested to military standard. The parts manufactured by P.H.D. were tested 40,000 times, on and off, at a temperature of 75°F down to -60°F. One unit has been tested (non-stop) for over twenty-five years and still continues to work without any repair. P.H.D. heater , under normal use, could last for over twenty years.

Naturally we wish to ensure that your P.H.D.catalytic load heaters are in perfect working condition. Only a well-maintained heater will provide optimum performance and ensure safety reliability. ALL MAINTENANCE IS FREE UNDER WARRANTY, and is only required once-a-year, at your convenience.We guarantee that your cargo heater unit will be fully-serviced within one hour, provided that you make arrangements in advance. Alternatively, you may wish to remove the heater element and controls and send or deliver them to our Mississauga depot for service and we will service and return them the same day. Our flat service fee is $45 from April to August and $90 from September to March, unless the customer qualifies for the free warranty service. Servicing will consist of testing, including pressure testing of the entire system, and all necessary adjustments.

To qualify for the warranty and service inspections, maintenance must be performed by P.H.D. or P.H.D. authorized dealer annually prior to the start of each heating season. Specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

Air circulation and purification

- Recycled air inside the trailer is continuously purified by the catalyst.
- Natural convection current is enhanced by custom-designed baffles.
- Specially built device for fresh oxygen intake is installed.
- Electronic fan assembly installed to optimize air circulation (additional fan assemblies installed upon request).

Cheaper than a diesel heater

The Front mounted Protective Heat Development heater costs approximately $5,000 CDN installed with a 150 lbs. propane tank.
An equivalent diesel system installation will cost approximately $10,000 CDN.

These savings are clearly significant. Furthermore, there are significant operational cost savings with a P.H.D. heater .

System weight

The Front mounted Protective Heat Development heater, plus a full fuel tank weighs: 390 lbs.
An equivalent diesel system weighs approximately 1700 lbs.

That means you can ship approximately 1300 more lbs. of cargo per trip!

The explosion-proof P. H. D. Heater

The Protective Heat Development front mounted load heater is intrinsically safe and explosion-proof. It is manufactured to the military standards of Canada and the U.S.A.


A truly reliable heating system

The Protective Heat Development heater runs on propane, has an electronic activator, and has no moving parts. These characteristics provide several advantages:

- tested to reliably start and operate at temperatures of -60oF (-51oC).
- requires NO oil changes and NO replacement of oil filters, fuel filters or air filters.
- vibration-resistant design ensures your system will remain on the road working with you.
- no moving parts provides no friction points to worry about.
- electronic activation guarentees catalytic activation no matter what environmental conditions are encountered (high altitude, rain, wind, etc.)

An economical heating system

Operating fuel cost comparison between the Protective Heat Development load heater and a diesel system equivalent, both operating at 30,000 BTU/h.

Protective Heat Development Load Heater 0.4 litres per hour
Diesel system 1.32 litres per hour

Clearly, the P.H.D. frieght heater uses less than 1/3 of the fuel. With propane costs approximately equivalent (or lower) than diesel costs, the operating cost of the P.H.D. heater is 3 times LESS than a mechanical system.

The front mount P. H.D. load heater has been tested to run for 200 hours while keeping the trailer at 75 oF (24oC). With an insulated trailer, some customers have boasted 400 hours on the single provided 150 lbs. propane tank.

The portable EX-3000 P.H.D. heater will operate for approximately 3-4 12 hour days on just 2x20 lbs. propane tanks.

Furthermore, when maintenance and reliability is considered (no friction or oil related replacements or changes), the P.H.D. heating system excels. Moreover, the 5-year warranty INCLUDED is UNMATCHED by any other cargo heater on the market today, providing you with added security. Over the life of the heating system, these facts result in significant savings.