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P.H.D. Portable Model Heater

  Patents Pending  
Portable EX-3000

3, 5 or 10 year warranties available



Our portable catalytic heater is explosion-proof and has been built specifically to move from trailer-to-trailer, adding portability to your heat source. It also includes the new WALL CHARGER. along with the solid state Micro Electronic Passive Catalyst Activator (MEPCA) and thermostatic controls and shut-off.
  • 20,000 BTU (800oF) max, with thermostatic control
  • Designed and approved for use in the transportation of dangerous goods (manufactured to the Military standards of Canada and the U.S.A. ).
  • Solid state Micro Electronic Passive Catalyst Activator (MEPCA) for reliable starts and continuous, reliable operation.
  • NO MOVING PARTS = vibration-resistant, durable, & NO OIL CHANGES
    Click here to see stainless steel version
      Standard Features and options  

    The EX 3000 is perfect for:

    •  moving trailer-to-trailer
    •  Construction sites
    •  Storage rooms and warehouses
    •  Outdoor cool-weather gatherings
    •  Workshops, especially when working with dangerous gases or materials
    •  …anywhere a reliable, portable heat source is crucial.

    •  Only $2,950
    (or lease me for $103.74 for 36 months)

    Load Heater Standard Features and Options 30-NTR
    - Explosion-proof (details)

    - Pollution-free (details)

    - Operates for 3-4 12 hour days on 2x20 lbs. tanks

    - 5-year warranty at no charge (details)
    - Operates at 800oF, thermostatically controlled (details)
    - Extreme weather worry-free activation (details)
    - Noise-free (details)
    - Electronic activation & safety control (MEPCA) (details)
    - Virtually maintenance free (details)
    - Colour of your choice, including stainless steel
    - 100% flame-less system
    - Cheaper than diesel system (details)
    - Lighter than diesel system (details)
    - Safer than diesel system (details)
    - More reliable than diesel system (details)
    - More economical than diesel system (details)
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