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  Service and Maintenance Section

PHD Group has 24-hour mobile service in the Toronto and Muskoka areas (North Bay - Perry Sound - Sudbury).
Please call 1-800-220-5513 for service.

Soon to come: Service in Calgary, Cornwall and Quebec City!

  1. Our warranty policy
2. General Operations    
    1. Activation and shutdown (Microsoft Word document)
    2. Principles of operation
    3. How the unit operates
3. Guidelines to avoid heater problems    
    1. Close vapor withdraw valve when filling tank
    2. Do not over-fill tank
    3. Ensure correct terminal connection to 12-V
    4. Do not charge 6V directly with 12V
    5. Close heater door when not in use
    6. Do not poke the catalyst or activate with torch / flame
4. Trouble-shooting  
    1. Regarding Red neon light and charging
    2. Regarding gas flow and gas flow adjustment
    3. Regarding start-up and the Green neon light
    4. Regarding heat production
    5. Regarding an unexpected shutdown
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