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1. Regarding Red neon light and charging

The Red neon light illuminates as soon as the heater is hooked to the tractor/trailer's clearance light. The Red light indicates that the battery is charging (by microelectronic pulsating built in the MEPCA). The 12-V battery from the tractor/trailer's clearance light powers the battery. Four hours after they are properly connected, the battery will be charged. If the red light does not illuminate, the battery cannot be charged. Each new battery can be used to start the heater more or less approximately 55 times without charging.

If the red light does not illuminate,
     a) Check the wire connection (white and brown/black) and connect properly (see attached wiring schematic)
     b) Check the red neon light and replace if broken.

2. Regarding gas flow and its adjustment

When the gas control valve knob is turned on to PILOT and then the knob is pressed to the end, the ball in the flowmeter should reach around No. 4.

If the ball in the flow meter reads zero or below No. 4,
     a) Check the propane tank. If empty, fill the tank not more than 3/4 as indicated on the gauge.
     b) Check for propane pressure in the tank (hissing sound). If the pressure is not enough, loosen or unscrew the incoming line below the heater and above the S-hook.
     c) Check the regulator on the tank. Check if there is frozen water in the main line. If there is, disconnect the main line above the regulator and below the flowmeter. Pour alcohol into the line and after a few minutes, blow from below the flowmeter. (Before blowing, make sure the main line from the regulator is disconnected, otherwise water will damage the regulator.) Reattach the main line, soap test and re-check the regulator pressure.

     If the ball in the flowmeter jumps up over No.10, it indicates a bad pilot adjustment. Re-adjust the pilot.

     If the flowmeter reading is higher than No. 4, check for leaks (soap test) in fuel line between the flowmeter and the heater.

     If the flowmeter reading is unsteady, erratic and bobs up and down, the fuel tank had been over- filled (liquid could be seen inside the flowmeter and fuel line). Purge the 3/8" main fuel line between the flowmeter and the regulator.

NOTE: When the propane tank is opened and the ball in the flowmeter jumps up more or less 1/4" from the bottom BEFORE the gas control knob is turned ON, it indicates damaged gas line or fittings and propane may smell inside the trailer. Check for leaks using soap test.

  Regarding Start-up and the Green neon light

When the START button is pressed the green neon light will illuminate for 2 minutes and 15 seconds after which the red neon light will illuminate. (When the red light illuminates, it indicates that the 6-V battery is charging).

If the green neon light does not illuminate,

     a) Check the green neon light and replace if broken
     b) Check the battery with voltmeter. The voltmeter should read at least 6.5V. If the voltmeter reads 6.20V or below, it indicates a weak battery and the battery has to be charged or replaced.
     c) Check the connections from the tractor/trailer's clearance light (see the wiring schematic), tighten the battery terminals and clean terminals if corroded.

If the green light stays on and the terminals are properly connected but the ball in the flowmeter does not stay on No. 4 and keeps on falling down, after a few seconds, tighten by 1/4" turn the butterfly connection on the RV 18 valve. After tightening, if the ball on the flowmeter still does not stay on No. 4, it indicates that the RV18 valve is damaged and must be replaced.

4. Regarding Heat production

If the flowmeter and the lights are working properly but heat does not come out of the catalyst:

     a) Check the activator and replace if broken
     b) Check the catalyst. If it is damaged (wet, contaminated or has hole), the catalyst has to be replaced.

Regarding an unexpected shutdown of the heater

If the heater stays on for about 10 minutes and shuts off check the thermocouple. Adjust and make sure that the thermocouple touches (snug tightly) the catalytic pad. Further, ensure that thermocouple wiring is intact and not corroded/spliced/frayed.

NOTE: It is highly recommended that heaters should be checked for proper operation before every the heating season. Your heaters have 5 years warranty under normal use and check-up is free of charge in our facility.

Every year from July to September, we conduct a free seminar/training on heater's maintenance procedure to maintenance personnel and drivers. For appointment, please call (905) 855-9600.

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